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Drone enterprise security

The heart of the products and services provided by Lorenz Technology is the software and intelligence contained in our software and our AI-link on the drone.

When properties, factories or larger areas are to be autonomously monitored, it is all controlled by software reporting back with live video feed from camera and sensors. Software manages the entire monitoring (24/7) of the area and documents the occurrences that occur, with both visual and thermal documentation.

Intelligent drones and cameras

In addition to the intelligent drone, intelligent cameras are also used, where the camera´s software includes intelligent security features.

The intelligent features of the camera make the drone capable of i.a. following a person and keep track of people who hide in the area.

Man, car and drone

At Lorenz Technology we have developed a completely unique concept for security tasks, where a guard has an intelligent drone as his assistant.

The drone as the assistant to the guard ensures that:

  • Documentation of the service provided
  • Documenting breach of security
  • Makes it possible from another location to follow and assist the guard
  • Possibility of playing back previous watches
  • Inspect and collect data

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