Who is Lorenz Technology?

Our mission is to make all drones autonomous with AI-based software.

As a team of dedicated specialists pursuing the development of intelligent, versatile, and user-friendly drone software solutions, we continuously develop and innovate.

Lorenz Technology was founded in March 2017 by Lars Lorenzt and Helge Munk to utilize the full potential of smart drone technology in terms of security, work efficiency, and sustainability.

Initially, this business idea was supported by an investment from Syddansk Innovation and has gone through rapid development, growing the size of the team and extending the board with new members, among others, founder of Universal Robots, Esben Østergaard.



Lorenz Technology is well situated in the south of Odense, which makes it a very accessible point for our visitors, and it also provides us with optimal conditions for drone testing and software development.



We develop intelligent, versatile, and user-friendly drone software solutions, which are easy to implement and provides data for making optimal decisions.



Our vision is becoming the leading provider of intelligent business solutions by making drones autonomous in the air and on the ground, through AI-driven software.


We perform based on strategic thinking and data utilization. All processes are built on thorough test designs to make sure all features run well and serve our customers in the best way.

How it all started?


The Team

Nicole Sophie Christiansen

Senior Innovation Manager

Jim Wolff

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Koed Pedersen​

Drone Software Developer

Per Leth Andersen​

Software Developer

Line Toft Sørensen

Marketing Manager

Anne Mette Bruus

Digital Concept Developer

Jesper Bach

Sales Manager

Nadja Aagaard Hansen

Executive Assistant

Michael Johnsen

Software developer

Søren Land

Sales Director

Kristian Skaarup

Chief Executive Officer

Kristian Møller Hansen​

Drone Software Developer

Prodromos Vlastos​

Software Developer

Ada Varga

Robotics Engineer

Christina Silverwing

UX and frontend developer

Renata Hurnowicz

Business Development Assistent

Emil Jurgensen

Software Development Intern

Anders Olsen

Chief Operating Officer

Mathias Højgaard Egeberg

Drone Software Developer

Alejandro Garcia-Vaquero

Robotics Engineer

Anna Ølgaard Nielsen​

Software Developer

Christian Rasmussen

Business Development Manager

Mads Boy Lindholm

UX and frontend developer

Daniela Anna Horáčková

Digital Marketing Assistant

Michael Bødker Justensen

Lead UAV Pilot

Become a  part of our innovative team in a fast-growing drone software company.

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