FRED project

First responder emergency drone concept

Remote-controlled drones as tools for coordinating emergency efforts First responder emergency drone concept Better service Full documentation Increased safety All-in-one intelligent solution Drone technology provides an eye in the sky to get a faster overview, increase tactical understanding, and improve information sharing between different parties at emergency sites. The instant overview is a valuable resource […]

Lorenz Digital Drone Summit 2020

Lorenz Digital Drone summit 2020

Did you miss the live stream of Lorenz Digital Drone Summit 2020? If so, you now got the chance to watch whenever it fits you the best. You are now able to watch, rewatch, rewind back and forth, share and repeat this year’s Lorenz Digital Drone Summit as you wish and please. We invite […]


Smarter and Safer Inspections with Drones

Smarter and Safer Inspections with Drones Making use of mixed competencies to deliver a unique solution The time spent and costs of performing quality assurance for wind turbine foundations increase the prices of renewable energy. The project’s goal is to make the prices of renewable energy competitive by using intelligent drones to reduce costs during […]

Innovation Projects

Matrice-300 with Lorenz AI-Link Intelligent drone solutions

Innovation Projects Our intelligent drones are used in various industries and for all kinds of use purposes. We are continuously developing our solution and this page illustrates different innovation projects that we are working on at the moment. We hope to inspire you with the many different use purposes of our intelligent drone solution by presenting […]


Trailer Detection in Port Terminals

Trailer Detection in Port Terminals Save time and tons of fuel by efficiently locating trailers In large port terminals, there is often extensive information about what is entering and exiting the area. Despite this, it can be challenging to locate a specific trailer on the terminal. A lot of manual snake-walks are performed to work […]

Port Esbjerg

Esbjerg Havn Intelligent drone solutions

Drones Optimize and Improve Efficiency of Ports Efficiency and value creation through intelligent drones within the maritime industry Operations in ports are often connected with complex challenges of coordination and monitoring. However, our intelligent drone solution helps improve port efficiency and safety through valuable data collected during drone operations and stored within our cloud platform, […]

G4S Danmark

vagt med drone over hoved G4S

Security, Safety and Surveillance with an Intelligent Drone Solution​ Optimize security, safety, and surveillance tasks by incorporating intelligent drones into daily operations The security and surveillance industry are doing most inspections and routine patrols manually by having a guard on location. However, by implementing our intelligent drone solution companies will gain real-time insight into security […]

Stream video in real-time from UAVs to desktop or tablet with a sub-second latency

smart drone and data management Lorenz Technology

Stream and share the live footage from your deployed drone through the Lorenz AI-Link with 4G connectivity Having as low latency as possible is essential when flying a drone! According to Amazon, the latency standard for live streaming is around 10 seconds. Our solution delivers live streaming with a sub-second latency, which in Amazon’s video […]

Flock as connected insurance partner

Flock Insurance partner Lorenz Technology

Flexible insurance policy classifies Lorenz AI-Link® as a pilot joining flight experience across the platform Today, we proudly announce our partnership with Flock, an insurtech startup, operating at the cutting-edge of data analytics and insurance. We have worked on a fully flexible insurance policy for the fleet of drones flying with Lorenz AI- Link®, establishing […]