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New site page

The site page has gotten a new layout, which will be explained for these three scenarios:

  • A drone is not deployed on the site.

  • A drone is deployed and online on the site.

  • A drone is streaming to the site.



A drone is not deployed on the site

  • The map is now moved to the left making more space on the right side for deployment information and routes.

  • The Route list is now a searchable and sortable table instead of the list before with the additional information of the route type.

  • The pop-out map can now be used for a full-screen map even though a drone is not deployed.



A drone is deployed and online on the site:

  • The Drone status bar and the Event log have been moved to the right side of the screen.

  • The Deployment information box now also contains "Deployed By" and "Deployed At" information about the deployed drone.




A drone is streaming to the site:

  • The map is added on the right side of the page, now with double width and height compared to before.



Dashboard improvements

  • Renaming of tables: "Drones Deployed" and "Incidents" to "Operations" and "Unresolved Alarm Incidents" respectively.

  • The "Organization" columns in the "Incidents" and "Sites" tables have been removed, because the dashboard is per organization, so all resources will have the same organization.

  • Paging on Operations and Sites, so more data can be shown.

  • In the "Operations" table the "Location" column is first because that is where you will be redirected directly to the live stream.

  • In the "Sites" table new colored initials are shown for the user to be able to easily find the same site again.





Edit and delete incidents from the "detail" view

An incident can now be edited and deleted from its detail view as shown in the image.





Inspect frame

When pressing "inspect frame" on an archived flight, five frames will be shown with 1 second between each frame.

Create an "Incident" on tablet

The issue of a user not being able to type in text in the "Create Incident" box on an archived flight on a tablet is now fixed. Create an incident on a tablet should work in the same manner as on the desktop.

Area maps stacked by date

In general, when showing multiple area maps in "Site", "Area", "Route", etc., the latest area maps for each route are shown by default. Now area maps shown by default will be stacked so that the latest area map always will be the top-most area map visible.


The improved menu navigation for "Archive" and "Area"

The menu items "Archive" and "Area" are normally only visible in the menu, when the user has chosen a site. Now the dashboard is introduced, a user can more easily access a flight or incident directly from the dashboard, without going to a site first. Therefore a user might still want to access the site's archive or area directly from a flight or incident.

Detailed Description Hive 5.17

March 2020

Software Updates 

What's New?

The software in the Lorenz Hive regularly receives updates that add new features and enhance existing ones. When new updates become available, you'll receive a mail where you can read about new features, fixes, improvements, and what is coming soon.