Our mission

Our mission is to make all drones autonomous with AI-based software. As a team of dedicated specialists pursuing the development of intelligent, versatile, and user-friendly drone software solutions, we continuously develop and innovate.

Our company

What is Lorenz Technology?

Lorenz Technology is specialized in delivering software solutions for drones and ground robots by the implementation of AI, edge-computing, and automation. The solution consists of a supercomputer (Lorenz AI-Link®) – and a cloud software platform (Lorenz Hive®).

Lorenz Technology specifically targets the security industry including first responders, defence, police, fire brigades etc. as well as the port industry.

Our purpose

Why Lorenz Technology?

Our solution is designed to scale-up drone operations. It enables the operation of multiple drones and robots in a remote control center.

With smart features such as camera control and autonomous route planning, drones and robots can be used as collaborative tools, helping to digitalise day-to-day business and keep your staff safe

our story

Who is behind Lorenz Technology?

Our story started with a good idea. One of the founders was the Head of Security in a company and envisioned drones flying pre-planned security patrols. To realise that vision, Lorenz Technology was founded in March 2017 by Lars Lorenzt and Helge Munk.

The company is led by CEO Kristian Skaarup. It has continuously been growing since it started and it has a proud team of drone & robot heroes working towards the goal of making all drones autonomous in the future. 

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