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Our intelligent drone solution is used in various industries and for all kinds of purposes. We are continuously developing our solution and this page illustrates different client projects that we have completed.

We hope to inspire you with the many different use purposes of our intelligent drone solution by presenting these projects. Note that we have an off-the-shelf-solution as well as specially designed developments.

Please contact us for further information or a demonstration.

Customers and Partners

Improve security with eyes in the sky

Optimizing and improving efficiency on ports with intelligent drones

We have learned that safety operations and security are of high prioritization on ports, but inspections are often time-consuming and challenging to manage. With the Lorenz Technology intelligent drone solution, we offer the opportunity to train a drone to be your eyes in the sky and provide you with a full overview and documentation of your port. Our software system, the Lorenz Hive®, manages planning of autonomous flights, programs missions, and structures your data.

Learn more about how the Port of Esbjerg is utilizing our intelligent drone solution to optimize and improve their efficiency within safety inspections and area management on their 4,500,000 square meters located on the West coast of Denmark.

Improve security with eyes in the sky

Through the collaboration with G4S, our intelligent drone solution offers new ways of performing security inspections.

With a drone, much larger areas are inspected in a shorter timeframe advancing the services of the security company. During a security inspection, the drone video is instantly shared with the security operation center through a live-stream. This raises the level of security for both the clients of G4S and the guard at site.

Save time and fuel by detecting trailers with intelligent drones

Optimizing port logistics with our intelligent drone solution is a project in close collaboration with DFDS learn more about the solution.

The solution optimizes the processes on a port terminal. Making the location of each trailer more precise has tremendous potentials for streamlining the processes at the terminal and thereby saving time and ultimately fuel.

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