And the prize goes to… LORENZ TECHNOLOGY!

Lorenz Technology won the prize of best start-up pitch at the Danish regional EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 start-up final on Funen.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year has existed for more than 30 years and is currently held in more than 60 countries. It is rated as the world’s largest growth competition, and this year 120 promising Danish start-ups were nominated for the EY start-up award.

Based on the potential and ambitions of the 120 different start-ups, EY, Vækstfonden, Danske Bank and Dansk Industri have picked three start-ups from each of the six Danish regions. Resulting in the 18 most promising start-ups. Lorenz Technology and our intelligent drone solution was picked as one of the three start-ups on Funen along with QuickOrder and Accutics.

EY Entrepreneur Lorenz Technology

October 31st, 2019, we had the honor of participating in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year pitch final for the nominated start-ups on Funen. QuickOrder and Accutics did a brilliant job pitching in front of the impressive crowd of jury members, sponsors, nominated start-ups, companies and other interests. Our CEO, Kristian Skaarup, managed to impress the crowd with an extensive and inspiring pitch, which resulted in the prize of best start-up pitch on Funen.

We have been celebrating, but we are continuously crossing our fingers! We are looking forward to the competition of best national start-up at the final EY Entrepreneur of the Year award show in Copenhagen on the 28th of November, 2019.

Our CEO Kristian Skaarup had following comments in the wake of the nomination:

We are thankful for the nomination, and at the moment we are unstoppable. However, we stay humble and we want to keep pushing.

Being nominated as the most promising start-up within the EY competition will hopefully increase publicity and awareness about our intelligent drone solution. However, we will keep working hard to get our solution into different markets and industries, both nationally and internationally.

Thank you for all the great support and valuable collaborations

We appreciate the credit and recognition we have got for our hard work within the last 2,5 years and would like to use this opportunity to thank all involved parties along our journey.

We have gone from a start-up to a scaleup and within this process, we have managed to create close partnerships with the global companies G4S and DFDS, which has provided us with opportunities to move into the security and maritime industry, but we are confident that our intelligent drones will prove their value in other industries as well in the near future.

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