Artificial intelligence (AI) for drones and mobile robots

Januar 30, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) for drones and mobile robots

Lorenz Technology ends January 2020 with a product launch of the new and updated Lorenz AI-Link® which enables new possibilities and purposes for drones and mobile robots with onboard artificial intelligence and edge computing.

This is the 3rd generation of the Lorenz AI-Link® which is a supercomputer mounted as an intelligent brain on drones and mobile robots, able to detect incidents on preplanned routes through the Lorenz Hive® web interface.

Artificial intelligence AI for drones and mobile robots

Connecting UAV’s and UGV’s to our software through the Lorenz AI-Link® introduces new possibilities for edge-computing, automation, and artificial intelligence.

With the Lorenz Technology platform, the opportunity of planning autonomous drone flights with on-board intelligent detection of incidents is now possible. The artificial intelligence (AI) is already trained to detect trailers on large terminals, as well as examine the condition of rescue ladders and fenders on port quays, but we are continuously developing new plugins for our platform which expands the use purposes of the Lorenz AI-Link®.

View of real-time video stream from the Lorenz AI-Link® to the Lorenz Hive®

Lorenz AI-Link® enables edge-computing with on-board data processing, streaming its discoveries directly to the control system within our web interface the Lorenz Hive®. The latency of the streaming from Lorenz AI-Link® to Lorenz Hive® is less than half a second! We are very proud to present this feature of real-time video stream with sub-second latency.

This 3rd generation of the Lorenz AI-Link® integrates with drones or mobile robots operating with MAVLink, DJI OSDK, and ROS, which means you can mount it on a UAV or UGV of your choice.

Der Lorenz AI-Link®

Protect your data with a secure connection!

Sharing data between a drone and the remote control might not always be secure, and your sensitive recordings might not be private. When sharing the video stream between the Lorenz AI-Link® and Lorenz Hive®, the connection is encrypted and your data will be shared securely.

We’ve protected our platform, so your video stream and data uploads will stay private and only be shared with invited members of your organization within our secure cloud platform.

View of real-time video stream from the Lorenz AI-Link® to the Lorenz Hive®

Contact us for further information...

We do offer an all-in-one solution including a drone and facilitate start-up processes of using drones intelligently. We can likewise schedule education of a drone operator or set up an arrangement with one of our service providers within the security industry. Please Kontaktieren Sie uns and we will be happy to assist you with further information on our platform: Lorenz AI-Link® and Lorenz Hive®.





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