Februar 24, 2022

Kommerzielles Netzwerk Pilot


We’re partnering on a pilot service package to level-up drones operations


Through their combined 5G capabilities, TDC NET, Relatel, TDC Erhverv &  Ericsson are partnering to serve four Danish businesses: TV2, Connect 44, Lorenz Technology and OpenHouse in a joint pilot for testing a prototype service package in their daily operations. The service package includes optimized drone connectivity, remote command and control, and a video uplink workflow.

In recent years, commercial drones have become increasingly crucial for businesses’ operations, currently solving vital tasks such as inspections and surveillance. 

However, the full value of drones for Danish businesses won’t be fully unleashed until key pain points are solved, such as the ability to automate data flows and to operate beyond visual line of sight. 5G capabilities are believed to be a key contributor to unlocking this value. Therefore, this partnered pilot project will play a key role in evolving the drone capabilities.

The pilot kicked-off on 15th February and will run until May 2022. All parties involved hope to capture crucial learnings and feedback to support officially designing and launching a service package down the road.

We’re thrilled to announce this exciting news. Stay tuned for further updates!

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