Intelligent Drones on MARS!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019, Lorenz Technology performed a Proof of Concept (POC) flight on MARS - a wastewater facility in Aarhus

With the POC flight Aarhus Vand launched the first part of investigating how intelligent drones and robots can become a natural part of present and future wastewater facilities. Aarhus Vand underlines their position as first mover and frontrunner when it comes to the development of the wastewater industry and the implementation of so-called Resource Plants – and Lorenz Technology is proud to be part of this valuable partnership!

The reach out from Aarhus Vand towards Lorenz Technology can be seen as the start of a whole new branch of business for us and our intelligent drones inspecting and detecting areas to improve at the treatment plant. With both technological and international business opportunities on the agenda.


MARS is the internal nickname and an abbreviation for the Marselisborg Wastewater Facility, and this POC flight at the plant was an initial step towards Aarhus Vand’s plans for the establishment of the world’s most energy effective treatment plants – the Resource Plants.

Through the use of drone technology and the Lorenz Hive® software supporting autonomous drone flights, the POC included seeking gas leakages, detecting sediment pileups, diffuser malfunctions and overall facility management including roof inspection. Our intelligent drone solution offers the possibility of training your drone to be your eyes in the sky, detecting areas that need attention and documenting data in a safe cloud solution. Being proactive the POC was performed to explore how our technology of artificial intelligence can serve to innovate the administration of a future resource plant.

Watch the video to learn more about the plans and aims for the innovative Aarhus ReWater.

Great day at MARS

We had a great day exploring the possibilities of applying our solution to this industry, testing our features in a new environment, and planning how drones will be a part of the world’s most resource-efficient wastewater treatment plant.

Please, don’t hesitate to Kontaktieren Sie uns, if you wish to know more about our intelligent drone solution. To learn more about Aarhus ReWater, you are welcome to contact Chief Innovation Officer, Karsten Lumby at Aarhus Vand (+45 41 32 98 39 / )

Intelligent Drones on mars meeting

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