Lorenz Technology in China: Scouting for International Partners

The possibilities of finding new and exiting partnerships have been explored by our CEO, Kristian Skaarup, last week in China.

Introducing the Lorenz Technology intelligent drone solution

Lorenz Technology offers intelligent drone solutions, based on AI-driven software, and the pursuit to always improve our services and solutions means that we will travel big distances for discovering the latest technology to develop our business.

Our Lorenz AI-Link® integrates with both drones and mobile robots operating with different communication protocols (MAVLink, DJI OSDK, and ROS) which entails that we are platform-independent and can offer our intelligent software solution with the most advanced hardware available on the market. Being able to offer the use of our Lorenz AI-Link® and the Lorenz Hive® in combination with the best drone- and camera producers let us focus on what we are good at; developing intelligent software, while at the same time enabling integration to the best hardware on the market.

A week of new partnerships

The week started in Guangzhou together with a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Invest in Dänemark and Odense Robotics, where we performed a presentation of our intelligent drone solution for an audience of potential partners and investors.

Lorenz Technology China
Meeting our Danish neighbors Universal Robots at CIIF in Shanghai

As the tour continued Kristian visited the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai to explore the tech-scene and new innovations within drones and cameras. The supply of drone manufactures was exciting and we now have new relations to explore to offer the latest hardware available in combination with our Lorenz AI-Link® and the Lorenz Hive®.

CIECC in Beijing
CIECC in Beijing

The tour ended in Beijing visiting the China International Electronic Commerce Center (CIECC). Where the Lorenz products again were introduced and the interest for intelligent drones confirmed.

The interest in intelligent drones is huge and we have gained a lot of new contacts in the thriving tech industry of China. The need for drones within security and surveillance is big, and Lorenz Technology is ready to offer our intelligent drone solution for the growing market.

We thank you for the great interest in Lorenz Technology, and we look forward to initiate the new cooperations and partnerships.


Lorenz Technology

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