New Board Member: Esben Østergaard

The founder of Universal Robots A/S, Esben Østergaard has joined our Board of Directors.

With this exciting update on the Lorenz Technology growth adventure, we are thrilled to announce the news about Esben Østergaard joining the board of directors.


The agreement fell into place at the end of November and today the new board member attended his first board meeting at Lorenz Technology. The current Board of Directors includes CEO Kristian Skaarup, Chairman of the Board Helge Munk, and Board members Lars Lorenzt, Kirsten Winther and now Esben Østergaard.

Lorenz Technology Board New member
From the left: Esben Østergaard, Lars Lorenzt, Kirsten Winther, and Helge Munk

About the new collaboration, CEO Kristian Skaarup says:

“We look forward to benefiting from Esben’s skills and experience in the robotics industry. We have been on an exceptional growth journey for the past two years and right now we are working hard to prepare all internal processes for scaling. We feel a great interest in our platform and Esben has the knowhow on the international distribution which we are facing, so we are very excited about the new collaboration ”.

Esben Østergaard, new board member at Lorenz Technology, states the following:

“Lorenz Technology is leading in its field, and I am ready to help set the pace and fulfill the potential of the technology. The Lorenz platform is exciting, new technology with so many possibilities. I look forward to working with the really cool team of employees on how this robotic technology can create new business that delivers a high value for the customers. ”

New board member Esben Østergaard
Esben Østergaard at the office of Lorenz Technology

To learn more about Esben, check this out. What a resume!

For press materials, you are welcome to contact Marketing Manager Line Toft Sørensen, or +45 23 47 86 56.


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