Februar 20, 2020

New investment and board member


Lorenz Technology ApS has concluded an investment round where several parties came to an agreement on a big investment and adding a new member to the board.

Ralf Astrup and two other parties have invested heavily in Lorenz Technology and the former has also joined the board.

CEO and co-owner of Cabinplant Ralf Astrup has joined the board at Lorenz Technology and his focus is on optimizing the sales, creating the best processes and servicing global enterprises.

New investment member
Kristian Skaarup, Ralf Astrup, and Helge Munk at Lorenz Technology

“Lorenz has created disruptive technology and is frontrunner in their development of edge computing and artificial intelligence for drones and ground robots. They deliver a secure platform for data sharing in real-time that is streaming video directly from drone to computer with sub-second latency. They are far ahead of other players in the market with their features and I hope, I can help grow sales and distribute the solution internationally based on my experience.”

Ralf Astrup states the following about the investment and new board post

New investment member
New board member at Lorenz Technology: Ralf Astrup

“Upon the product launch of Lorenz AI-Link®, 3rd generation, we are able to present a product for the global market. Our solution makes it possible for enterprises to optimize their investment in drones and robotics, and we are ready for international distribution. The intensified focus on sales is thus welcomed and appreciated. With Ralf Astrup entering the board we will add new competencies and experience to Lorenz Technology that certainly will strengthen our possibilities in the global market space.”

Says Lorenz Technology

New investment and board member
Sales Director Søren Land, Chairman Helge Munk, Board Member Ralf Astrup, and CEO Kristian Skaarup

Über Lorenz Technology

Lorenz Technology is a robotics startup company founded in March 2017 by local entrepreneur Lars Lorenzt and investor Helge Munk. Lorenz Technology is developing technology to help the security industry and industrial ports gather data autonomously and replace unsafe manual processes with drones and ground robots operating with edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI). The Lorenz technology delivers increased security and operates on an encrypted platform which secures the video data sharing and storing from drone to web interface.

Lorenz AI-Link®

“After this test, we will definitely focus on the upload speed! We can optimize and make tweaks to increase the connectivity with the dual modem and thereby increase the upload speed.”

Says Lorenz Technology


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