Lorenz Technology is nominated for Robotics company of the year 2019 celebrating companies that have excelled in growth, talent development, and cluster collaboration.

The new award by Odense Robotics honors the best robotics company in 2019 within the Odense robotics cluster. With the award, Odense Robotics wants to pay homage to the companies that have made an extraordinary contribution to the cluster within the past year. The award recognizes all types of companies – startups, as well as leading companies within the robotics industry.

“This is not just an award to recognize the big players in the industry, but an award for all of the companies – startups as well as the leading companies in the industry. All of the companies in the cluster had the chance to be nominated. Based on the voting criteria, six companies have now been selected and in a few weeks, we will know who the CEOs have deemed worthy of the title ‘Robotics company of the year’,” says Mikkel Christoffersen, Cluster Director, Odense Robotics.

What makes the award so unique?

The fact that the recipient of the award will be decided by members of the CEO Network in the Odense Robotics cluster means that it will be especially valued coming from industry peers.

The cluster has nominated the final six companies based on the following criteria; talent attraction, talent development, special efforts in the advance of cluster collaboration, and extraordinary growth in a company or startup. Besides us being nominated Mobile Industrial Robots, Inwatec, Blue Ocean Robotics, KOBOTSund dem Robot Nordic has been nominated for the award.

We are proud and honored that Lorenz Technology has been nominated and now we are looking forward to the revelation of this year’s ROBOTICS COMPANY 2019 on December 12.

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