Juni 14, 2021

Partnership with Coptrz UK


Lorenz Technology are excited to announce the established partnership with Coptrz as official reseller in the United Kingdom. Through the partnership, the Lorenz Technology intelligent drone solution, including a platform for edge computing onboard drones, is now also accessible to the UK market.

Coptrz are a market leader in the UK, providing a complete 360° Drone Solution, through world-leading drones, cameras, software, and training. Their solution is developed in an individualized manner, based on an in-depth consultation, and provides an‘ impartial 360º Drone Solution’. Their level of expertise is showcased through their portfolio as well as through their Coptrz Academy, which offers the largest range of world-class drone training courses available in the market.

Coptrz UK

About Coptrz UK

COPTRZ has built its brand and market leading position by finding the Best-in-World drone technology to provide to our customer base in a total 360° solution. We are very pleased to partner with Lorenz technology as they lead the world in their field. We look forward to enhancing our new and existing customer base with this groundbreaking technology.”

says CEO Steve Coulson.


Lorenz Technology international focus

The partnership signifies the international focus of Lorenz Technology in providing intelligent drone solutions across multiple markets. Lorenz Technology currently operates across Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium, and is working towards establishing a strong network of local resellers.

The entire business model of Lorenz Technology is based on delivering our unique product Lorenz Hive® and Lorenz AI-Link® through a market leading local partner with highest standards on professionalism, tech-knowledge and trustworthiness.

We searched the UK market and from the very beginning we were impressed by the professional approach provided by Coptrz.

With the track record from ports, security companies, defense we hold as a team, Coptrz and Lorenz Technology will mark an obvious go-to for companies and authorities that focuses on drone-tech to drive digitalization, security, surveillance and inspection.”

says Lorenz Technology

For more information on the current network of local resellers visit:
Our Reseller


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