März 2, 2020

Partnership with UK-based Heliguy and CG-Labs


Lorenz Technology has partnered up with DJI Gold Partner Heliguy and CG Labs to showcase the Lorenz onboard supercomputer which allows pilots to pre-program flights and use drones to conduct automated missions.

Based in Milton Keynes, UK, CG Labs works across many different sectors including Security, Defence, Industrial, construction, agriculture, and events specializing in visualization, modeling, and measurement, where technology and data manipulation deliver a new standard in accuracy and efficiency. Global drone services provider, CG Labs, was at the UMEX 2020 show in Abu Dhabi last week (Feb 23-25th), which is dedicated to drones, robotics, components, and unmanned systems.

Partnership with Heliguy and CG Labs
CG Labs at the UMEX 2020 show in Abu Dhabi with Lorenz AI-Link®

CG Labs has been exhibiting a DJI M210 aircraft – provided by one of the world’s leading drone suppliers, Heliguy – and integrated with a Lorenz AI-Link® via onboard SDK.

Developed by Danish firm Lorenz Technology – which provides intelligent AI drone software designed for security, safety, and surveillance – the Lorenz AI-Link® enables new possibilities and purposes for drones and mobile robots with onboard artificial intelligence, edge computing, and automation, as well as offering a secure platform for data sharing.

Parntership with CS labs and Heliguy
The Lorenz AI-Link® mounted on DJI Matrice 210

The Lorenz AI-Link® is a supercomputer mounted as an intelligent brain on drones and mobile robots, able to detect incidents on pre-planned routes through the Lorenz Hive web interface.

Features include onboard data processing, real-time video streaming, autonomous route planning, and automatic archiving of video data.

Heliguy is a UK reseller of Lorenz Technology’s innovative products.

The two companies have partnered to encourage more enterprise clients to adopt this sophisticated system. Lorenz Technology and CG Labs have also signed up to Heliguy’s Full Stack service – a ground-breaking drone supply and support package which allows companies to dynamically scale their fleets by accessing Heliguy’s vast ecosystem of enterprise hardware.

“With integrators of the Lorenz Technology software like Heliguy and CG Labs, we are able to distribute our software to additional markets and frontrunner clients in the industry. We’ve just launched the 3rd generation of our Lorenz AI-Link® and it’s a great recognition for us to partner with the leading integrators of the drone industry.”

Says Kristian Skaarup, CEO of Lorenz Technology

CG Labs will be exhibiting the DJI M210 and Lorenz AI Link as part of the ‘key digital tools and products’ it can offer its clients, including firms such as G4S and ARUP.

“This partnership will allow us to provide our customers a cutting edge technology on an already fantastic system, reducing the need for on site pilots and therefore cutting cost. Combining a reduction in cost with an increase in capability is exactly what we strive for with all of our technology partners and it’s why our customers keep coming back to us.”

Says David Cummins, Executive Director of CG Labs

“Lorenz Technology is offering something truly innovative and has taken what is possible to another level. We are delighted that this autonomous flight system can be integrated with DJI technology and it is something which will benefit our clients.”

“One of these clients is CG Labs, and we are pleased to see that CG Labs will be exhibiting the system on an M210 drone at UMEX 2020 and highlighting how it can greatly improve security and flight autonomy.”

Says Ruairi Hardman, Heliguy’s Business Development Manager, said:

Read the news from Heliguy, here.

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