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Perimeter security with drones real-time streaming


It can be difficult to ensure large perimeters and be secure that no objects or people are hiding somewhere on the location. Inspecting perimeters with guards on the ground doing repeated patrols and surveillance along the perimeter or on locations are tasks demanding an extensive overview and perspective of the surveilled location while keeping one’s cool. The inspections are often fast in and out operations, where time spent on site must be limited, and the manually routine tasks of securing doors, windows, and other access points are causes to overlooked objects or unwanted people on-site.

Having a drone on-site sharing its video-stream with employees at a control center can supply an extra overview when visibility is limited due to either low light or obstacles, and provide the security guard on-site with an emergency connection and an easy-to-share link to the real-time stream of the perimeter for e.g. authorities.

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Be more effective in securing perimeters while providing a higher quality of core business

Adding a drone to your daily or nightly inspections will provide a clearer overview of any patrolled perimeter. The limited view that a single guard on-site can have due to low light or obstacles, can be enhanced with an eye in the sky for easier inspection of areas that are otherwise hard to secure and gain access to.

Doing regular perimeter security with a guard on-site can be made more efficient with a drone doing surveillance while the guard is free to perform other tasks or limit time spent on the location. A drone gives a much more thorough overview and faster securement of larger areas providing a higher quality of the perimeter security since it covers more ground in less time.

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The Lorenz Technology platform

With Lorenz AI-Link® mounted on a drone doing inspections, patrols or surveillance, the live video stream can be shared directly to employees at central locations, like headquarters or control centers improving the perimeter security.

Sharing a live stream through the Lorenz cloud platform, lets HQ employees watch inspections in real-time for a better overview of the perimeter being controlled. The overview from above provides effective perimeter security and the recorded video data can be an extra source of information that is automatically saved and archived for documentation and analytics within the Lorenz Hive software.

the Lorenz platform

Lorenz AI-Link® Software & Features

Real-time streaming with sub-second latency

To provide the HQ or control center employees with the opportunity to act on what is being watched from remote areas, the video stream shared from the drone to the web interface is streamed in real-time with sub-second latency. With the Lorenz AI-Link® mounted on a drone, the captured video data is shared with the Lorenz cloud platform through a 4G connection. The video data can then be watched in real-time at Lorenz Hive on any device. The video stream is shared with sub-second latency providing extra sets of eyes remotely on-site. With a latency below one second, the Lorenz platform provides an overview and data for fast decision making in urgent situations.

Lorenz Real Time Streaming
Sensors and thermal data for optimum perspectives and exposure of hidden objects

With motion sensors, high-resolution or infrared camera objects can be intelligently detected in spite of limited visibility. Infrared sensors can be utilized to detect heat and motion, so when doing security inspections and patrols on-site, thermal data can provide a better overview and provide increased safety for the guards inspecting locations while increasing the quality of the perimeter security since no unwanted objects or people are able to hide. The real-time stream from the drone to the control center also supplies data to increase safety measures and a better overview of perimeters.

Perimeter Security Lorenz Technology
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Obtain enriched data documentation for added services

The Lorenz cloud platform lets you manage several drones all in one platform for saving of repeated autonomous routes, archiving of video data, and intelligent detection of incidents. The video data is saved in an archive in the Lorenz Hive where analytics can be made for e.g. facility management purposes. This allows the security provider to extend services like rooftop inspections and do alarms on e.g. broken air-condition, ventilation systems, or other leakages with the help of thermal data provided by the sensors integrated on the drone.

Intelligent drone solutions for security

Lorenz Technology provides an intelligent drone solution that improves regular perimeter security, but also provides the software for data management of the captured video, so new services can be offered. Please don’t hesitate to Kontaktieren Sie uns, if you wish to know more about drones for perimeter security.


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