Autonomous drones as a solution to improving business operations


A lot of tools, equipment, and spare parts are required to complete operations and maintenance during service of offshore wind turbines. These items are currently being transported manually by technicians either by ship or helicopter. With an intelligent drone solution, the aim is to avoid heavy lifting, reduce transportation time, and be able to improve service planning with a more flexible solution.

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S and Ørsted Wind Power A/S have requested an intelligent drone solution to increase efficiency for operations and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. Together with external partners and with facilitation by Energy Innovation Cluster, Lorenz Technology is part of this pilot project funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Reducing transportation time and cutting cost while improving the work environment

The project output will provide wind turbine operators with a competitive advantage for reducing cost by faster maintaining wind turbines of renewable energy.

The project output will lead to the following results:

  • Creation of a new and innovative transport system for equipment to wind turbine with autonomous drones which easily can be operated by the crew on SOVs

  • The intelligent drone solution will be able to autonomously approach wind turbines and use artificial intelligence to detect drop-zone and drop a payload

  • Reduction of transportation time and maintenance costs to ensure competitive prices on renewable energy

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by switching helicopter or ship transportation to drone transportation

  • Improving working conditions for service technicians by limiting the amount of heavy lifting and handling of tools, equipment, and spare parts for conducting maintenance.


In this pilot project, we are transporting objects of maximum 8 kg payload from service operation vessels (SOV’s) to the nacelle of wind turbines. The transportation system is developed to improve the conditions for offshore transportation of the tools, equipment and spare parts used to maintain the wind turbines. The intelligent drone solution can fly autonomously to a selected wind turbine through Lorenz Hive which can be operated from an iPad. During initial stages, the solution is tested within visual line of sight (VLOS), however, the final solution is scheduled to be conducted on flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).     

Challenges to solve with this technology

Due to Lorenz AI-Link, we can become drone platform independent which results in choosing from a various range of drones to carry different weights of payload. We imagine that the technology can be used for additional delivering purposes, e.g. instead of manual work by runners or other staff employed to carry deliveries from one point to another, this solution offers the possibility of saving time, reducing resources and cost by implementing delivery by drones from A to B - even in harsh weather conditions.

Funded by:

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