First Responder Emergency Drone


Remote-controlled drones as tools for coordinating emergency efforts

Drone technology provides an eye in the sky to get a faster overview, increase tactical understanding, and improve information sharing between different parties at emergency sites.

The instant overview is a valuable resource of information when strong coordinating effort at emergency sites is needed.

The efforts at emergency sites are planned instantly under pressure from critical development and demand fast decision-making to avoid serious situations.

As part of the VISE project (Velfærdsinnovation for Sundt Erhvervsfremme), Welfare Tech has initiated the FRED project (First Responder Emergency Drone), where Lorenz Technology is the lead partner in developing drone technology to offer real-time streaming and applications with remote-controlled drones and ground robots to support coordination of efforts, information sharing, and increase safety between personnel on-site and external centers.

The FRED project is in collaboration with Capra Robotics, Danish Energy Agenet, Odense University Hospital, Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation, University of Southern Denmark, Telenor, Welfare Tech, and Aalborg University.

Real-time streaming, information sharing, and data management

The First Responder Emergency Drone project is developing drone technology fitted for the authorities, but this application can also benefit other business areas e.g. companies within security, inspection, and safety.

When time is of the essence, drones and ground robots can make the necessary overview of emergency sites for planning the efforts in urgent situations.

This demands the technology to be developed for real-time streaming with 4G and 5G from both platforms as well as possibilities for sharing the stream instantly with relevant parties e.g. the authorities and participating rescuers.

Challenges to solve with this technology

The project’s goal is to develop a commercial welfare drone solution that can support first responder authorities at emergency sites. The First Responder Emergency Drone concept includes:

The project’s goal is also to lead a better understanding of data transmission and positioning with 5G which can open new opportunities, especially within operational safety. This includes:

The project’s result is offering an innovative drone technology that is possible with the Lorenz AI-Link that enables automation, edge computing, and artificial intelligence for UAVs and UGVs.

By implementing the above project features will result in better service, full documentation, and increase safety provided by Lorenz Hive to authorities.

For more information:

Cedric Burg

Innovation Manager


Lorenz Technology has through the VISE project received funding to the
“FRED – First Responder Emergency Drones” project from the European Regional Development Fund.

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