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Optimizing security, safety, and surveillance tasks by incorporating intelligent drones into daily operations

Security, Safety and Surveillance

Drones are valuable tools in security operations

Drones and drone software solutions are a big help in security operations. By creating pre-designed perimeter flights in the accessible cloud platform, the guard and the control center (SOC) can follow every step of the drone through real-time streaming. This directly creates a safer work environment and allows the guard to respond quickly in case of abnormalities or emergencies.

Having an eye in the sky during operations additionally provides a valuable data archive within the Lorenz Hive® cloud platform. The collected data can be used for evaluation of operations and can help identify room for improvement in current workflows.

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G4S Denmark

Our partnership with G4S is a great example on how our technology can be implemented. G4S uses our backend software for security operations in ports and client sites to create and deliver a better guard service for their customers.

Through our solution, G4S can now create a better overview of perimeters, making it easier to detect and react to certain incidents. Besides, they can now easily locate intruders, scan goods, storage and trailers and are adding services to their product portfolio.

In general, our intelligent drone solution as an eye in the sky increases G4S’ competitiveness in the market, through streamlined and time-efficient operations and an added value for G4S and its end-clients.

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