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Reducing cost and safety risks for offshore personnel

Businesses in the offshore maintenance and service industry are spending a lot of time doing risky inspections at and around oil- and gas platforms identifying leakages. The inspections include a high degree of safety risks for the involved personnel, and they are very time consuming which makes it very expensive to perform routine checks for leakages.

With this project, Lorenz Technology is developing an intelligent drone solution on request from Esvagt A/S. The project is developed in collaboration with Wind Power LAB and Denmark’s National Metrology Institute, and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.  

Gas-leaks revealed by intelligent drone software results in focused repairs based on data

The new and innovative way of inspecting will change the way oil- and gas platforms are monitored manually and by routinely planned timeslots. Having a drone fly the routine inspections and only use the manned personnel when leaks are identified, will result in targeting efforts to specific problem areas. By eliminating the time spent having personnel dangerously climbing areas to do inspections, the safety of the inspections will be improved.

The potential dangers and the number of involved personnel in the inspections will be delimited by the use of drones, which both cuts cost and establish a much safer work environment. 

With the collection of inspection data through the Lorenz Hive, all data are stored and can be reported to relevant personnel, making it easier to plan, organize, and perform targeted operations repairing the leakages.  

The project output will lead to the following results:

  • Reducing the number of personnel monitoring and participating in maintenance operations lowering the risk of accidents.

  • Supplying valuable inspection data to perform targeted and efficient efforts repairing leakages.

  • Quick identification of gas-leakages which reduces the environmental impact.

  • Provide full documentation of the oil- and gas platform’s condition 

Challenges to solve with this technology

Lorenz Technology offers an intelligent drone solution to do inspections and identifying e.g. gas leaks, overheating, or other situations where a change in temperature results in a potential threat of operations.

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