June 22, 2021

Introduction to the GENIUS Project

How will the establishment of the 5G Network create new possibilities in the development of drone technology? Will drones be allowed to fly unmanned in the near future?

These are some of the questions that are being explored in the GENIUS project, an exciting drone project funded by the Innovation Fund. The project brings researchers from the University of Southern Denmark together with industry specialists from NaviairTDC NETEricsson and Lorenz Technology.  

GENIUS Partners
GENIUS Partners

About the project

“The project helps to maintain and expand Denmark’s role as one of the leading nations in the explosively growing drone market. It can enable us to use drones for completely new tasks, e.g., inspection of infrastructures in urban environments, where today it is not legal to fly drones out of sight of the drone pilot.

says Chief Operating Office Anders Olsen. 

For more information see: Genius





ROGID project

The ROGID project will demonstrate how robot guards can add value to high-level securityoperations for companies when detecting intruders


Port Esbjerg

Port Esbjerg Operations in ports are often connected with complex

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