Interforce membership

November 18, 2021

Lorenz Technology receives shield from InterForce

Lorenz Technology is officially a member of InterForce, after having received the membership shield, handed over by Lieutenant colonel Flemming Bonavent Hansen. The shield will be proudly displayed in the Lorenz Technology headquarters in Odense.

InterForce-shield Lorenz Technology

What is the aim of InterForce?

InterForce is a cooperation between on the one side the Danish private and public sectors and on the other the Armed Forces / the Civil Defence. The organization is working towards an understanding and building a strong network between those two worlds. Being part of InterForce signifies our support to the “Reserve Force”. The Reserve Force is a robust and flexible armed reserve, home guard, part-time fireman corps, and volunteer coastal rescuer service. To ensure that the Reserve Force is available in times of need, Danish employers have to show their support to those men and women who take on a dual responsibility. We are proud to say that we are an employer who supports the Reserve Force.

The scope of the cooperation

More than 2,000 Danish businesses, societies and other organisations are members of InterForce, thereby publicly stating their support for The Reserve Force. Together they work on enhancing the overall knowledge in society concerning the competencies of military personnel as well as bringing valuable knowledge from the industry into the armed forces. For more information on InterForce, visit the official website:



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