Lorenz Robot Guard®

Lorenz Robot Guard® is an additional product in Lorenz Technology’s portfolio which can be used alongside drones and is operated in the same cloud platform software.

How does it work?

Lorenz Robot Guard®

Lorenz Technology offers the Lorenz Robot Guard® which is a ground solution, supporting drones which function as the eye in the sky. The robot can be used for surveillance tasks and perimeter controls.

The robot is operated in the Lorenz Hive® alongside the drone. Creating missions and planning routes is easy based on updated maps of your perimeter acquired through drone technology. View the livestream of the robot in real-time on your favorite device, or access the data archive afterwards to identify points of interest.



Lorenz Robot Guard® use cases

Perimeter Control

Perimeter Control

Conduct perimeter control through a ground robot operated remotely.

Fence Inspection

Fence Inspection

Detect security issues and document directly to the responsible stakeholder.

Trailer Scan

Trailer Scan

Identify locations of trailers on large industrial areas.

The Lorenz Robot Guard

Utilize ground robots in your workflow

Utilizing mobile robots for inspection and surveillance tasks is the gateway to improving and optimizing business workflows. The Lorenz Robot Guard® is an additional product in Lorenz Technology’s portfolio which can be used alongside drones and is operated in the same cloud platform software. It contributes to having a complete overview of the perimeter with eyes on the ground. 

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Your eyes on the ground

With the Lorenz Robot Guard® alongside drones, we offer an all-round surveillance and perimeter control solution. The robot can be stationed in no-fly zones and be the mobile surveillance tool currently missing in your portfolio. 

Decrease risks in your operations by operating a ground robot in dangerous environments, such as hazmat environments.

Reduce your carbon footprint and meet sustainable requirements by inspecting areas with the Lorenz Robot Guard® instead of by car. 

The Lorenz Hive®

Software for route planning and autonomous missions

The Lorenz Hive® is a service software for efficient route planning with a real-time video stream of your autonomous flights. The web interface connects with the Lorenz AI-Link® and gives you possibilities for intelligent recognition of incidents in the real-time video stream while archiving your data in our cloud platform.

The Lorenz cloud platform has a user-friendly interface which lets you operate at multiple locations and manage several drone applications simultaneously by the mount of a Lorenz AI-Link® on your UAVs and UGVs.

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Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

UGV stands for Unmanned Ground Vehicle. It is a vehicle that operates on the ground and without an onboard human presence. UGVs are developed for a variety of tasks. The Lorenz Robot Guard, is developed in collaboration with Capra Robotics for security related tasks.

The Lorenz Robot Guard is operated through an edge-computer on board (the Lorenz AI-Link®) and is connected to our software solution, the Lorenz Hive®. The software allows route- and mission planning for the robot and provides a livestream in real-time.

The Lorenz Robot Guard can drive a distance up to 100 km on one charge.

For further specifications on the UGV as part of the Lorenz Robot Guard, we refer to Capra Robotics’ website: https://capra.ooo/benefits/

Yes, our platform is designed to operate both drones and ground robots in the same interface. They can be operated simultaneously, so multiple live streams can be viewed in real-time and their features can be utilized to work together.

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