March 20, 2023

Critical infrastructure with drones and robots


Securing Critical Infrastructure: How Drones and Robots are Leading the Way

The current security situation in the EU requires us to think smarter and implement new technologies to help us protect our critical infrastructure. Many parts of our society can be considered critical infrastructure, but let’s focus on the outdoor ones covering large perimeters. Everything from a water supply, data cables, power lines, oil & gas storage, trains and buses, borders, and seaports are all considered critical infrastructure and are characterized by large perimeters. 

Critical infrastructure

The Future of Infrastructure Protection: Innovative Drone and Robot Technologies

In the past years, we have solved many security challenges by adding more people utilizing simple technologies to secure our critical infrastructure. At the same time, robotics has concurred to automation of production lines and indoor facilities; we have continued to solve our outdoor challenges by deploying more people and adding more security cameras. But the time has come to change how we approach outdoor security tasks like perimeter patrol.

Now drones & robots are here to help automate simple security tasks like perimeter patrol and monitoring of extensive facilities. Drones and robots are here to patrol outdoors, while we can keep people indoors to monitor automated perimeter patrols.

DJI M300
Our intelligent drones and robot guards act as a protective esquire when on surveillance, while our software platform lets your organisation watch ongoing inspections and access an archive of data recordings which opens up possibilities for offering added services to your clients such as facility management.

Critical Infrastructure at Risk? Deploying Drones and Robots for Enhanced Security

The usual way to get a quick overview was to deploy a police helicopter or a search and rescue team to get sharp insights or search for people in remote areas. Drones and camera technology have evolved with groundbreaking innovations over the past years. This development opens opportunities we did not imagine possible just a few years back. Drones and cameras are ready to out place heavy equipment, such as helicopters, in the daily tasks performed by boarder police, security guards and fire brigades.

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Revolutionizing Infrastructure Security: The Power of Drones and Robots

Robots have revolutionized indoor factory floors and made transport and logistics an automated process, helping people be more efficient. Now the time has come to the outdoor environments where the concept of a robot guard will replace guards doing perimeter patrols by patrolling outdoors. These patrols will be automated, and the real-time streaming will get the video to the control room in real-time no matter where you are in the world.

The robot is operated in the Lorenz Hive® alongside the drone. Creating missions and planning routes is easy based on updated maps of your perimeter acquired through drone technology. View the livestream of the robot in real-time on your favorite device, or access the data archive afterwards to identify points of interest.

The Lorenz Robot Guard from Denmark is a good example, running continuous and flexible perimeter patrols day and night. A guard like this can patrol more areas when needed, securing more eyes on the ground and video streaming to the Lorenz Control Room, where people will monitor more robots in operation. Cost saving is vital, but deploying more robots without hiring more people is essential in the current security situation. 

 “You can improve security levels from random security patrols to permanent security patrolling by adding a Lorenz Robot Guard to your security operation,” said Kristian Skaarup, CEO, Lorenz Technology.

”Advanced technology often requires a significant implementation or installation effort. With drones and robots, we have been working hard to ensure advanced technology is easy to implement. We have cut out the installation process simply by using the 4G/5G network that is available and used in our mobile phones today. We have built an onboard computer (supercomputer) based on known technologies, but rebuilt it to match the drone & robot requirements of low weight and high performance on edge”.

Monitor drone operations from the Lorenz Control room

Most drone operations are performed by an operator close to the drone and in the visual line of sight.

“Getting eyes on the ground and eyes in the air to monitor our critical infrastructure is a manpower-intensive task that we need to automate by implementing smart technologies like Drone and robot guards to monitor and get insights before we risk sending in people. With the Lorenz Control Room software, you can be far away from the drone, monitoring from the control room or even monitoring many drones in operation simultaneously from one centralized control room. All drones and robots can be monitored with real time streaming in the control room, allowing experts to contribute even though they are hundreds of kilometers away, observing and helping people on the ground”, Skaarup said.

Protecting our critical infrastructure with intelligent technologies like drones and robots is the way to automate our security processes and keep the infrastructure intact to the benefit of all EU citizens.


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