March 3, 2022



Predefined Risk Assessment authorization


Lorenz Technology is the first company in Denmark to receive an operational authorization by the Danish Civil Aviation and Railroad Authority to operate based under a Predefined Risk Assessment (PDRA-S01). This allows new pilots to fly drones above 4kg within industrial, residential, and commercial areas.

We obtained the authorization because it was able to meet the strict requirements and conditions to operate according to the PDRA-S01, thanks to our Lorenz AI-Link®. Our solution, consisting of an on-board supercomputer the Lorenz AI-Link® and a cloud-software program the Lorenz Hive®, facilitate the features needed to comply with the EU-regulation. With the Lorenz AI-Link® mounted on top of the drone and the connection to the software platform, the pilot has full control of the drone and can interfere at any point necessary.

EU drone management regulation

As of 2021, the EU regulations were implemented to unify rule structure for drones operating in its member’s countries. This has made it challenging for businesses to get the needed permission to utilize drone technology in relevant, commercial areas.

The hardened guidelines set by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have classified drone operations under three categories and larger drones, used in commercial operations, are identified under a specific category which require a risk analysis before operating.

Under this category, a careful analysis of the risks of flying must be conducted. By obtaining operational authorization under PDRA-S01, Lorenz Technology is authorized to operate drones up to 25kgs. In this specific authorization the DJI Matrice 300 was the perfect match with the Lorenz AI-Link®.


Lorenz AI-Link® as compliant tool

The PDRA-S01 authorization is based on EASA European regulation and is the kick-off to the Lorenz AI-Link® becoming a compliant tool for clients and partners. Our company as thought-leader in the industry is now able to consult other businesses on how to obtain the PDRA-S01 authorization through the use of the Lorenz AI-Link® and drone solution. We are therefore paving the pathway with our product, where other businesses have been stuck on flying above 4kg drones within industrial, residential, and commercial area for a long time.

Anders Olsen, who mainly has been working on obtaining the authorization says:

“The PDRA-S01 approval based on Lorenz AI-link® features is critical for operating with drones like the Matrice 300. It also marks the beginning of a new era where compliance features will become an increasingly bigger part of the Lorenz AI-Link® and Lorenz Hive®. Helping our clients get airborne more swiftly and safely.”

This authorization marks an important step forward in our success and for safe commercial drone use in general.


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