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August 30, 2022

By <a href="" target="_blank">Tiffany van Erp</a>

Marketing Manager

Danish drone frontrunners enter strategic partnership, bringing AI detection to emergency services

Equipping front line emergency services responders with state-of-the-art AI drone software connected via a cloud software platform has the potential to save an untold number of lives during time-sensitive operations.

Thanks to a new partnership between two Danish drone frontrunners, Lorenz Technology and Robotto, emergency service providers can look forward to upgrading their real-time data collection and analysis, streamlining communication and data-driven decision making via Lorenz Technology’s unique cloud platform, the Lorenz Hive®.

Via close collaboration, the two will in partnership respond the increasing demand for AI solutions for real-life, critical scenarios, assisting security companies, first responders, and emergency services in daily operation.

AI to support real-life, critical scenarios

Integrating Robotto’s AI-based software with Lorenz Technology’s cloud software for drones and ground robots, the Lorenz Hive®, allows businesses to utilize AI for specific use cases in real-time and gather and review all collected data in one data archive.

The addition of Robotto’s AI-based software to Lorenz Technology’s Lorenz Hive® is an important step forward in developing the Lorenz AI-ecosystem. The partnership will additionally include joined promotion of innovative solutions for UAVs for first responders/ emergency services. 

Lorenz Technology, founded in 2017, is on a mission to make all drones and ground robots autonomous with AI-based software.

“We are proud to announce the next step in our strategy by entering this partnership with a visionary company like Robotto. Robotto will be the first partner to enter the Lorenz AI-ecosystem that brings AI models into the Lorenz solution. With the Lorenz solution, we can bring Robotto’s AI models to our client base and into real-life scenarios” emphasizes CEO Kristian Skaarup of Lorenz Technology.

“AI onboard drones and Robots is the foundation of releasing the potential of drones and we are looking forward to supporting our client’s business cases with even more AI-onboard options in the future”- adds Kristian Skaarup.

Robotto is on a mission to bring AI detection, computer vision, and autonomous drone functions in real-time to front-line emergency service operators, helping them save lives and save nature.

“We know that our AI software has the potential to aid first responders as they work tirelessly to save lives. Integrating this software into the Lorenz Hive® broadens the software’s ability to communicate across departments, streamlining data-driven decisions.” – says Co-Founder and CEO Kenneth Richard Geipel of Robotto.


About Lorenz Technology

Lorenz Technology, a Danish drone and software company, delivers solutions that enable clients to scale up drone operations. The solutions consist of an edge-computer, the Lorenz AI-Link® and a connected cloud software platform, the Lorenz Hive®.  It comes with an integrated control room that enables real-time streaming and allows for operation of hundreds of drones and ground robots.

Lorenz Technology press contact:

Tiffany van Erp – Marketing manager

About Robotto
Robotto is an award-winning Danish drone software company founded in 2019 that develops drone technology using artificial intelligence and computer vision. The technology supports organizations for e.g., identification and analysis of forest fires, identification of missing individuals faster, as well as improvement of resource management across industries.

Robotto Press Contact:
Christine Thaagaard – Marketing Manager



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