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We have developed an all-in-one solution where multiple drones, sites, and functionalities are operated simultaneously in the web interface of the Lorenz Hive®


We offer multiple functionalities in one platform managing your UAV's/UGV's.

With our Lorenz AI-Link® mounted on a drone or mobile robot of your choice, we offer a smart service software that lets you take easy control of route planning and data collection.


With a focus on security and surveillance, we are developing our platform with global partners to increase applications of artificial intelligence within technology and software, performing autonomous drone flights and mobile robotic routes.


The platform for smart drone and data management is here!   

Video and data are no longer limited to the screen control of the drone pilot! 

Our state-of-the-art technology enables smart route and mission planning, optimize work processes and archives your data in a secure cloud platform. 

Our platform benefits at a glance

  • Autonomously operating drones through a web interface

  • Live streaming of video and data to multiple users 

  • Edge-computing and AI-onboard processing 

  • Automatic data collection and archiving in our cloud solution​​

  • Integration in external applications through APIs

  • Automatic and structured documentation 


The Lorenz AI-Link®

Artificial intelligence for UAV's and UGV's

The Lorenz AI-Link® acts as the brain for UAV's, and UGV's. With its connection to our control system the Lorenz Hive®, we give you the power of planning autonomous drone flights with intelligent detection of incidents. 

This black and squared brain enables edge-computing with on-board data processing, streaming its discoveries directly to the control system, our web interface the Lorenz Hive®,  with a latency of less than half a second. We proudly present our real-time streaming feature - a central and necessary must-have when performing professional autonomous drone flights. 

The onboard artificial intelligence features allow you to train your unmanned and/or remotely operated vehicle to perform preplanned routes and intelligently detect incidents, e.g., smart trailer detection and asset tracking on industrial ports. 

This 3rd generation of the Lorenz AI-Link® integrates with drones and mobile robots operating with MAVLink, DJI OSDK, or ROS

- letting you mount this brain on a UAV or UGV of your choice.   

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The Lorenz Hive®

 Our user-friendly web interface of advanced features and applications for mission planning and data management. 

Cloud-based backend system

Access Lorenz Hive from everywhere

Perimeter management

Multiple sites and functionalities in one system

Task planning

Complete several tasks per site

Real-time streaming with browser access

Easily assist from remote locations 

Switch between video formats

Receive e.g. optic and thermal data

Incident notifications

View, export and share alarms and incidents

Point of interest

Simply decide focus areas 


Archive function

Manage all documentation and data



Have overview of all tasks completed

Software & Drone Features

Software  Features

Geofencing: Through the cloud platform, you can plan your route for the drone to fly. The geofence will ensure that your drone won't leave the perimeter. 

API: Makes the integration into existing security systems possible.

Data Collection: All type of data is collected and archived in the Cloud. Data like video, pictures and thermal data are the basics and can be extended. 

Logbook: A Logbook is automatically generated for each flight. It consists of operator, location, date and data. This makes it easier for you to manage more drones in operation.

Real-Time Streaming: The video captured by the camera is streamed in real-time to the guard and the control center. The control center can assist the guard on the ground.

Cloud Platform: The service is cloud based which makes it easy to access collected data or live streams regardless of your location.

AI On Board: We make security drones intelligent and with our software they can act, behave and alarm in case of abnormalities or emergencies on site.

4G Link: 4G Link makes it possible to be connected to your drone at all times. 

Drone Features

All Weather: Our technology can be used in all weather conditions. Not even windy days or rain can stop our drones.

Tablet Control: The drone is controlled by the drone guard through a tablet. The tablet makes it easy for the guard to be flexible and respond to any situation.

Thermal Data: Thermal data is

used for helping the guard on the ground. It can be used to find intruders in remote areas, on the roof or in the dark.

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