Plug&Play with DJI M300″

November 5, 2020

Plug&Play with DJI M300″

The Lorenz AI-Link® navigates by artificial intelligence and functions as a trustworthy and secure second pilot capable of co-controlling your UAV missions and do all the data uploading work for you. No more SD-cards and slow, manual data sharing processes. Get your Lorenz AI-Link® as co-pilot today!

DJI M300 AI-Link
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Lorenz AI-Link® on your DJI Matrice 300 RTK.

Flying the larger enterprise drones comes with a great responsibility for the pilot operating the UAV. Having the Lorenz AI-Link® mounted as your (AI) second pilot makes your flights easier, safer, and cheaper to insure.

We might take away some of the excitement and thrill of controlling the “big beast”, but let us dive in on the benefits of mounting a Lorenz AI-Link® on your DJI Matrice 300 RTK.

Happy reading!

DJI M300 Services

The grand reveal

At Lorenz Digital Drone Summit the product launch of “Plug&Play with DJI M300” reaped an award of popularity, and we understand why.

Introduced by COO and Drone Expert, Anders Olsen, the product launch of “Plug&Play with DJI M300” was in top-3 of the most popular keynotes at the annual Lorenz Drone Summit.

Did you watch the live event? If not, you are able to watch the product launch right here, and share our enthusiasm for the improved in-air time operating the drone with hot-swappable batteries.

Plug and Play with DJI M300
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Watch or rewatch the full Lorenz Drone Summit on-demand, here.

Drones for commercial, enterprise workflows

The latest enterprise drone from DJI is majestic in its capacities and surely rewrites the industrial news for UAV solutions as they claim in their introduction from May 7th this year. With the new features of hot-swappable batteries and the 6 directional sensors, we are able to improve the autonomous flights by Lorenz AI-Link® from 67% in-airtime to 94% in-airtime.

450 Minute System test Lorenz AI-Link

Advancing the in-airtime from 262 minutes to 421,5 on our 450-minute system test makes us able to operate much more efficiently, eliminating the down-time for the pilot due to rebooting the drone after battery swap.

Autonomous flights - how is that possible?

The added computer power by mounting the Lorenz AI-Link® on top of your DJI M300 RTK leverages the 6 directional sensors to fly securely based on the flight controls within the edge-computing device from Lorenz Technology. Flight routes are performed by preprogrammed settings within Lorenz Hive – smart for repetitive routine tasks or, in time, fully autonomous flights BVLOS.

With access to Lorenz Hive, you are able to set your missions within geofences and preprogramme your flights while making sure all the data will be automatically sent to the cloud archive through a 4g connection within the Lorenz AI-Link®. No more SD-cards or slow, manual data sharing process. Control and share your drone data images and videos from Lorenz Hive where you are also able to analyze your data by the use of plug-ins: Area CMS, Trailer Detection, and coming soon Port AI.

Intelligent drone solutions Lorenz Hive Showcase

Still curious?

Learn more about the Lorenz cloud platform, right here.

Easy mount - instant upload

When receiving the Lorenz AI-Link® we made it easy for you to “Plug&Play”. With preinstalled antennas, you just got to turn the four screws in and power the connection through one easily plugged in cable – just be sure to give it a tight press, and you are ready to fly autonomously.

Watch the mounting in a short guide below. Notice the well-designed grid for airflow and cooling. With an IP54 you are not to worry about heavy rain or wind – unless you want your stream and saved videos to be watchable and not all cloudy.

Once the Lorenz AI-Link® is mounted you are ready to send and receive data through the cloud to Lorenz Hive. Receiving missions or sending the live stream and videos from ongoing flights, you are well equipped with an AI co-pilot flying Lorenz Technology.

DJI M300 AI-Link
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Want to know even more?

Browse the content of our site and reach out – we are happy to assist you with further knowledge on the Lorenz intelligent drone solution and how to get started with collecting visual data for port digitalization or higher quality security business.



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