Port Digitalization

Has your port started the inevitable digitalization process?

Technology For Port Digitalization

The rising need for smart and effective workflows demands innovative technology to assist the administration of modern, industrial ports.

Lorenz Technology offers an intelligent drone solution to perform smart inspections and area management.

With our platform, you can access updated visual data in real-time on maps, inspections and detections. Our platform allows you to work with your data intelligently – improving workflows and facility management. Start scrolling and be amazed.

Area Mapping & Management

Update the maps of your property by drone, gathering orthophotos for easily accessible measurable maps. Fly Lorenz and utilize the intelligent drone solutions to:

Port digitalization for Area mappping
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Port digitalization for Quary-Inspection
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Quay Inspections

Check the conditions of your port quays, detect necessary repairs, and perform detailed inspections that is digitally documented.

Inspect fenders and safety ladders with drones to improve security and manage the repairs of your quays.

Features for the Port Industry

Port digitalization for Fence-inspection

Technology for compliance

Perform fence inspections and collect needed documentation for compliance with EU safety regulations and detect locations of repairs in the digital workflow.

Port digitalization for monitoring


Would you like new insights on your daily tasks? We have monitored different daily tasks at larger industrial ports to e.g. monitor the flow of sand and mud pumping away from the waterfronts.

Port digitalization for lighthouse-bouy-inspection

Lighthouse bouy inspection

Fly up to 650 meters from the coast and inspect critical infrastructure, detecting the condition of e.g. lighthouses or buoys. Gather the visual data for documentation and perform repairs when needed.

Innovation Project

Trailer detection

A new feature of Lorenz AI-Link® which detects trailers and integrates real-time data flow to terminal management systems, helping to reduce operational costs and digitalizing manual workflow.

Learn more about the innovation project

Port digitalization for Trailer-dection
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What our clients say about us.


What our clients say about us.

Port digitalization lorenz platform

Lorenz Technology provides the platform for port digitalization

Operations on ports are often connected with complex challenges of coordination and monitoring. Doing manual data collection for the state and condition on all facilities is time-consuming and requires a lot of focus sharing individual findings with the right contacts at all levels of the organization, establishing the right initiatives to repair e.g. a broken rescue ladder or fender.

However, innovative technology can help optimize and improve operations and safety conditions. By minimizing the challenges of monitoring and coordinating daily processes, we can improve the workflow with better data and updated maps, leading to a higher quality of performed work processes.

A platform for digitalizing ports:
The Lorenz AI-Link® and - Hive®

Through our intelligent drones solution, you can create an efficient and data-driven digital environment that replaces former manual operations on your port.

​Plan autonomous drone and mobile robot routes, watch and share a real-time video stream, while your data archives within our solution. We provide the option of creating digital inspections on ports which includes better, simpler, quicker, and well-documented data for reporting and further business development. Besides inspecting and surveying, our intelligent drone solution allows mapping of the infrastructure on the port and its quays to optimize daily operations such as area and facility management.

smart drone and data management Lorenz Technology
Port digitalization Lorenz hive

Our updated 2D maps make area and facility management digital through measuring and patrolling for documented overview and dynamic invoicing. Additionally, our updated 3D maps allow volume calculations of equipment, storage, and materials on the quays such as sand, gravel piles, etc. The digital and intelligent solution also improves security and surveillance by being able to respond rapidly in case of any safety, environmental or ecological emergencies occurring on the port.

Consequently, all valuable data from the digital drone operations is collected and stored within our cloud platform the Lorenz Hive®. By everything being documented and stored, you will have an archive for documentation whenever needed. Implementing our intelligent drone solution improves quality and efficiency through a digital overview of your entire port.


How can we digitize your port?

Søren Land

Chief Commercial Officer

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