Intelligent drone solutions for Port of Esbjerg

Drones Optimize and Improve Efficiency of Ports

Efficiency and value creation through intelligent drones within the maritime industry

Operations in ports are often connected with complex challenges of coordination and monitoring. However, our intelligent drone solution helps improve port efficiency and safety through valuable data collected during drone operations and stored within our cloud platform, Lorenz Hive®.

Our intelligent solution minimizes challenges of monitoring and coordinating daily operations and processes on the ports, for instance through tracking as well as routine and volume inspections of equipment, storage, and materials on the quays. Besides inspecting, our intelligent drone solution also allows mapping of the infrastructure of the port and its wharves to optimize daily operations and facility management. Additionally, it improves security and surveillance by being able to respond rapidly in case of any safety, environmental or ecological abnormalities or emergencies occurring in the port.

​Hence, implementing our intelligent drone solution improves operations and the entire operational overview of the port.

Client case - Port of Esbjerg

Port of Esbjerg has discovered how they can optimize efficiency and create value with intelligent drones. The intelligent drone solution plays an important role when it comes to optimizing area management and quay optimization 24 hours a day in all weather conditions.

Port of Esbjerg’s area surveillance was previously done manually. However, many port areas are rented on a daily and weekly basis, meaning it would be easier to have a drone registering and inspecting multiple changes occurring in the port. Furthermore, through our advanced drone software, it is now possible to detect whether ladders, buoys, and cords, etc., is in its right conditions on the quays. Thus, Port of Esbjerg will have countless data available within our cloud platform Lorenz Hive® for documentation when negotiating rental deals as well as for documentation when deviations on their quays occur.

Data from the drone operations has been one of Port of Esbjerg’s key priorities for choosing the intelligent solution from Lorenz Technology. Every identified abnormality on the port such as damages, garbage, waste, and pollution will be registered and stored within our cloud platform which optimizes daily operations and provides an insight into their port’s overall condition.

Sales director, Jesper Bank, at Port of Esbjerg states that: “Firstly, we chose Lorenz Technology as our drone supplier because they have a collaboration with G4S, who handle a wide range of responsibilities at the port. Secondly, they understood immediately that we are from the port industry, where we believe in plain speaking. We told them quite simply that unless they can deliver a drone that’s capable of carrying out surveillance 90% of the time all day long in conditions such as rain, wind, salt spray and cold, we’re not interested. Eight months passed until they showed up at our door again. They’re really talented tech geeks who understand what our work entails.”

Intelligent drone solutions for Port of Esbjerg

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