Smarter and Safer Inspections with Drones

Making use of mixed competencies to deliver a unique solution

The time spent and costs of performing quality assurance for wind turbine foundations increase the prices of renewable energy. The project’s goal is to make the prices of renewable energy competitive by using intelligent drones to reduce costs during the quality assessment.

Together with Bladt Industries A/S, and Denmark’s National Metrology Institute, Lorenz Technology is developing a solution that cost-efficiently can secure the inspections of the wind turbine foundations. This pilot project is facilitated by Energy Innovation Cluster to achieve the development of a market requested solution that is designed to solve current challenges.

Safer inspections

Improving security and quality assurance with intelligent drones

With the Lorenz Technology intelligent drone solution inspections will be automated which results in saving the industry time and money as well as improving the safety for the employees. The safer inspections by drones will be used to photograph, scan and analyze the state of the wind turbine foundations from production to shipping.

The project output will lead to the following results:

Challenges to solve with this technology

Lorenz Technology offers an intelligent drone solution to perform inspections, photographing, scanning, and analyzing of potentially any structure. Drones are a cost-efficient tool to gather data and documentation and making decision-making based on real-time data.

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