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Technology for security drones & Robot guards

Lorenz Technology offers intelligent drone solutions to increase effectiveness during surveillance and perimeter controls.

Our intelligent drones and robot guards act as a protective esquire when on surveillance, while our software platform lets your organisation watch ongoing inspections and access an archive of data recordings which opens up possibilities for offering added services to your clients such as facility management. 


Security Drone use cases



Receive real-time information via live HD video streaming day & night

Accident Site

Accident Site

View different angles and close-ups to secure evidence and full documentation

Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Operate on higher speed to verify the current situation and roll out an action plan

Mission Insights

Mission Insights

Plan missions and identify points of interest before, during and after action

Control Room

Control Room

Access and operate drones & robot guards remotely

Search And Rescue

Search & Rescue

Make decisions based on real-time quality data and share livestream with stakeholders


Perimeter Security with Drones

When visibility is limited, either by low light or obstacles, drones with thermographic cameras are able to detect heat and motion.

Doing perimeter security and surveillance with intelligent drones provides valuable data and clearer visibility. This presents the use of sensors and thermal data for optimum perspectives and exposure of hidden objects.

Reveal hidden objects and improve perimeter security with intelligent drones.

Security Drone for Perimeter-Security
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Security Drone for Drone-Security
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Drone Security Surveillance

Implementing drones in security operations is a great way to create innovative business development within security operations.

Through our intelligent drone solution, you can optimize security, safety, and surveillance through real-time insight on ongoing operations and tasks.

The Lorenz Hive®

Software for route planning and autonomous flights

The Lorenz Hive® is a service software for efficient route planning with a real-time video stream of your autonomous flights. The web interface connects with the Lorenz AI-Link® and gives you possibilities for intelligent recognition of incidents in the real-time video stream while archiving your data in our cloud platform.

The Lorenz cloud platform has a user-friendly interface which lets you operate at multiple locations and manage several drone applications simultaneously by the mount of a Lorenz AI-Link® on your UAVs and UGVs.


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New technology and opportunities

Adopt new technology and become a frontrunner

Doing business with large security companies has taught us that in the security industry, most surveillance and routine patrols are performed manually by having a guard on location. However, an increasing need for niche security solutions is driving the industry towards advancements in technology.

Implementing drones and ground robots in security operations is a great way to create innovative business development within security operations. Through our solution, you can optimize security, safety, and surveillance through real-time insight on ongoing operations and tasks.

The solution

Made for improved safety and security

Our intelligent drone solution consists of the Lorenz Hive® and the Lorenz AI-Link®. It is a platform for smart data collection and allows to operate multiple drones and robots through one system. The Lorenz platform supports the operation of drones and ground robots remotely, even beyond radio line of sight. Our solution is able to operate via LTE network, and is therefore the ideal solution for large perimeters. 

Operating UAVs and UGVs is made easy through the user-friendly cloud platform, in which missions can be planned ahead and interfered with during operations. The solution facilitates easy sharing capabilities, allowing you to share the livestream of the security drone with your staff remotely or, in case of emergencies, with authorities. 

Security drones and robot guards

Added value in your portfolio

Besides facilitating a more efficient workflow, the Lorenz platform can help expand the services in your product portfolio. 
Security drones and robot guards can improve the workflow of facility management such as facade and roof inspections, e.g. in identifying heat leakages and/or water on rooftops, which is easily detected and reported within the system.

Having an extra eye in the sky during operations provides a generous data archive, which is available directly in the Lorenz Hive®. Through the data archive, you are able to evaluate and analyse operations and pull relevant reports, to be shared with your clients. 


Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

The type of license differs per drone weight, location and country. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has defined a regulation for drone use within Europe. For more information see

The flight time is dependent on multiple factors such as the type of drone, the weather and the payload. We work mainly with the DJI M300 which has a max flight time of 55 minutes. However, with multiple payloads such as the Lorenz AI-Link® and a thermal camera, the flight time averages around 40 minutes.

In our solution, the drone is operated through the Lorenz AI-Link® and our software platform. The data exchange therefore occurs between our own platform and the edge-computer. This eliminates the transfer of data to the DJI platform. Our platform utilizes Microsoft Azure, a market leader in cloud storage, which provides a secure environment for data exchange. Through Microsoft Azure, we can localize the data-stream in your specific area to safeguard your data.

We work with DJI Enterprise, since they are market leaders and provide the best value on commercial drones at this moment. The drones are the best on the market and provide a secure tool in your toolbox.

A robot guard is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), used for inspection and surveillance tasks. We work together with Capra robotics and have in collaboration developed the Lorenz Robot Guard®, which can be operated in the same software platform as the security drone.

Drones can be used for a variety of tasks to increase security. They are excellent tools to provide an overview of a situation or perimeter from the sky, can help inspect areas which are otherwise hard to reach, and allow you to inspect dangerous or hazmat areas while keeping your staff safe. 

The adoption of drone technology in the industry is at its starting point, and we can imagine a large amount of use cases of drones in security operations. 


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