Lorenz Technology offers an intelligent drone solution to be your eyes in the sky while doing surveillance.

Our intelligent drones can act as a protective esquire when on surveillance, while our software platform, lets your organization watch ongoing inspections and access the archive of data recordings that opens up possibilities for offering added services like facility management.

Lorenz Technology provides the technology for new services within security

Rapid advancements in technology calls for innovative business models to capitalize on opportunities

Doing business with large security companies has taught us that in the surveillance industry, most surveillance and routine patrols are performed manually by having a guard on location. However, an increasing need for niche security solutions is driving the industry towards advancements in technology.

Implementing drones in security operations is a great way to create innovative business development within security operations. Through the Lorenz Technology digital and intelligent drone solution, you can optimize security, safety, and surveillance through real-time insight on ongoing operations and tasks.

The Lorenz Hive® and AI-Link®, a solution for improved safety and security

Our intelligent drone solution consists of the Lorenz Hive® and our AI-Link®. It’s a platform for smart data collection which delivers a quality improvement of security operations. The Lorenz platform establishes a better overview of facilities, creates convincing perimeter security as well as thorough data documentation of every single operation through realtime streaming and archived videos. This solution also facilitates sharing surveillance with authorities if emergencies occur during operations, which provides personnel on-site with valuable assistance. A link to the live video stream from a site can be shared with a simple click on a button in the Lorenz Hive® web interface.

Added services in your product portfolio

The Lorenz platform provides you with the possibility of added services in your product portfolio. Our intelligent drones can improve the workflow of facility management such as facade and roof inspections, e.g. heat leakages and/or water on rooftops intelligently detected and reported within our system.
The data collected from a drone with the Lorenz AI-Link® is analyzed and reported within our cloud platform the Lorenz Hive®. With an intelligent eye in the sky, surveillance is conducted more thoroughly, and the data can be used for offering added services to your clients.

​Having an extra eye in the sky during operations provides numerous data that automatically will be stored and available within our Lorenz Hive® cloud platform. Today these data allow you to evaluate and analyze operations much more effectively, delivering the data foundation for expanding your business. Our intelligent drone solution provides you with a higher level of security and the possibility of offering added services to your clients within the security industry.

smart drone and data management Lorenz Technology platform

The platform for smart drone and data management is here!

Video and data is no longer limited to the screen control of the drone pilot!

​Our technology enables smart route and mission planning, optimize work processes, and archive your data in a secure cloud platform.

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