Critical infrastructure

Autonomous Drone & Robot solution to enhance critical infrastructures security and safety.

How autonomous drones and robots protect critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is paramount to our safety in Europe. Engaging sufficient counter measures is therefore vital to securing sites. Staff shortage, high costs, verification, and alarm response are some of the main challenges faced by security managers today.

Lorenz technology offer a control room software package that digitizes security tasks by using drones and robots remotely from a centralised location.


Examples of use cases

Sensitive industrial sites

Sensitive industrial sites

Securing the perimeter, quickly assessing the situation, preventing malicious intrusions

Nuclear plants

Nuclear plants

Preventing malicious intrusions, controlling infrastructure, protecting operators against risks and secure public power supply

Oil & gas

Oil & gas

Reduced risk of terror and leakage of fuel, protection of operators in dangerous zones, secure oil and gas supply

Data centres

Data centres

Secure public data and internet access, protect government crises communication and vital company data

Infrastructure, Energy & Utilities

Infrastructure, Energy & Utilities

Secure supply of water, gas, energy, heating and waste waster



Maintain delivery of public necessities and vital supplies for production


Preparedness and response for Critical Infrastructure

Safeguarding critical infrastructure calls for enhanced surveillance, situational awareness and the ability to respond immediately to threats and inappropriate incidents.

Doing perimeter security and surveillance with intelligent and autonomous drones and ground robots, provides valuable data and clearer visibility.

With onboard AI, the drone or ground robot can autonomously detect objects or situations, that provides a Security Operations Centre (SOC) or Control room with immediate quality data.

Critical infrastructure
Play Video about Pipeline_inspection


Pipeline security and inspection

Utilize drone technology for security and surveillance for pipeline construction site. Make your workflow smarter, safer and greener while gathering valuable data and documentation for project management. 


Control Room Overview

Software for route planning and autonomous flights

The Lorenz Hive® is a service software for efficient route planning with a real-time video stream of your autonomous flights. The web interface connects with the Lorenz AI-Link® and gives you possibilities for intelligent recognition of incidents in the real-time video stream while archiving your data in our cloud platform.

The Lorenz cloud platform has a user-friendly interface which lets you operate at multiple locations and manage several drone applications simultaneously by the mount of a Lorenz AI-Link® on your UAVs and UGVs.

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Autonomous drones and robots can help enhance critical infrastructure security by conducting surveillance and monitoring of large perimeters, detecting and identifying potential threats, and providing real-time situational awareness to security personnel.

Critical infrastructure with large perimeters, such as water supply facilities, power lines, oil and gas storage sites, seaports, and border crossings, can benefit from autonomous drone and robot solutions.

Key features of autonomous drones and robots for critical infrastructure security include real-time situational awareness, 24/7 surveillance capabilities, advanced sensors and cameras, and the ability to detect, track and respond to potential security threats.

Autonomous drones and robots can be integrated with existing security systems for critical infrastructure by leveraging existing sensors, cameras, and communication networks. They can also provide complementary capabilities and enhance the overall effectiveness of the security system.

The potential benefits of using autonomous drone and robot solutions for critical infrastructure security include increased efficiency and effectiveness of security operations, reduced risk to human life, faster incident response times, and reduced overall security costs.


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