Police Solutions

Ensure quality, efficiency and speed in police operations

Optimal situational awareness in vital first response

Choosing the right tool in the box, having sufficient, constant updated and quality information to base your decisions on, and making sure that the people, staff and the surroundings are safe, is some of the main challenges in first responder operations

Police solutions

Police Solutions examples of use cases



Plan and conduct the ideal covered surveillance with optimal outcome and secure evidence for court use

Accident site

Accident site

Quick recovery back to normal traffic situation

Crime scene

Crime scene

Instant freeze of situational overview

Search and rescue

Search and rescue

Preplanned missions, BVLOS, thermal vision, video stream sharing, documentation

Mission insights

Mission insights

Documentation for debriefing, improving and learning

Crowd control

Crowd control

Optimal placement of ressources

Drone as First Responder

Police Surveillance from the Skies

The Lorenz Drone Guard is a police solution that utilizes drones to enhance security and surveillance capabilities. These drones are equipped with advanced cameras and sensors that can detect and track potential threats, providing real-time intelligence to officers on the ground.

The system also includes a command and control center that allows operators to monitor multiple drones at once and quickly respond to any incidents. The Lorenz Drone Guard is designed to help law enforcement agencies improve public safety and reduce crime rates.



Fly drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight – BVLOS

Utilizing 4G/5G connectivity provided by the Lorenz AI-Link®, the drone can be operated BVLOS as well as BRLOS. Retrieve video stream to the Lorenz Control Room Software in Real Time, in a cloud based multiple user environment – accessible around the globe.


Control Room Overview

Software for route planning and autonomous flights

The Lorenz Hive® is a service software for efficient route planning with a real-time video stream of your autonomous flights. The web interface connects with the Lorenz AI-Link® and gives you possibilities for intelligent recognition of incidents in the real-time video stream while archiving your data in our cloud platform.

The Lorenz cloud platform has a user-friendly interface which lets you operate at multiple locations and manage several drone applications simultaneously by the mount of a Lorenz AI-Link® on your UAVs and UGVs.

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The main challenges that first responders face in their operations include choosing the right tool in the box, having sufficient, constantly updated, and quality information to base their decisions on, and ensuring the safety of people, staff, and surroundings.

An autonomous drone and robot solution can help to enhance critical infrastructure security and safety by providing advanced monitoring and detection capabilities. The system can detect potential security threats, monitor the surrounding area, and provide real-time situational awareness to first responders.

An autonomous drone and robot solution offers features and capabilities that traditional security measures do not, such as advanced sensors, real-time data analysis, and the ability to operate in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas. The system can also operate autonomously, reducing the need for human intervention and reducing the risk to first responders.

An autonomous drone and robot solution can improve situational awareness for first responders by providing real-time data and alerts about potential security threats. The system can also provide a comprehensive view of the surrounding area, helping first responders to make more informed decisions.

Critical infrastructures that can benefit from an autonomous drone and robot solution include power plants, oil refineries, transportation hubs, and other high-security facilities. The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of each facility, providing advanced security features and enhancing overall safety and security.


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