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Empower your security operations with the advantages of Lorenz Drone Guard, Lorenz Robot guard, and control room software for remote control and digitization.

Meet the demands for higher security and better quality in the market

The security situation in Europe calls for higher security measures and a better quality of data and operations. Meeting your clients demands, having sufficient security staff, ensuring the right and quick respond to incidents, and keeping your competitiveness in the market, are some of the main challenges that Security companies faces today.

By implementing drones, robots and intelligent control room software you can increase your client’s satisfaction, support your clients security and core operations, and reduce the churn in your companies contracts.


Examples of use cases



Security company - Improve your ability to compete in the market by utilizing drones and robots. Lower your costs on manned guarding. Ensure the right reaction to incidents on your client's sites. Improve the quality of your security operations, and reduce the churn in client contracts by ensuring your client's commitment and customer satisfaction.



Security company - Broaden your operation by incorporating facility tasks in your security contracts. Get a better margin on your existing security clients. And keep your clients by supporting their core operation Make sure your clients are safe and prevent high costs on incidents.

Added value

Added value

Security company - Make sure that your client stays by providing quality data to support and become a part of their core business.

Maximized Security

Ensure 24/7 Security with the
Lorenz Robot Guard®

Meet the Lorenz Robot Guard®, a revolutionary security solution that combines cutting-edge robotics technology with advanced sensors and cameras to enhance security and surveillance capabilities. This state-of-the-art system is designed to detect and track potential threats, providing real-time intelligence to operators.


Advanced Security Solution

The Lorenz Solution for Optimal
Private Security

Discover the power of advanced security and surveillance with the Lorenz Drone Guard®, a state-of-the-art solution that leverages the latest drone technology. Equipped with cutting-edge cameras and sensors, these drones are capable of detecting and tracking potential threats, delivering real-time intelligence to operators.

The Lorenz Drone Guard® system also includes a centralized command and control center, enabling operators to effortlessly monitor multiple drones and swiftly respond to any security incidents. Elevate your security and surveillance capabilities with the Lorenz Drone Guard®.


Control Room Overview

Software for route planning and autonomous flights

The Lorenz Hive® is a service software for efficient route planning with a real-time video stream of your autonomous flights. The web interface connects with the Lorenz AI-Link® and gives you possibilities for intelligent recognition of incidents in the real-time video stream while archiving your data in our cloud platform.

The Lorenz cloud platform has a user-friendly interface which lets you operate at multiple locations and manage several drone applications simultaneously by the mount of a Lorenz AI-Link® on your UAVs and UGVs.

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Frequently asked questions

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The Lorenz Drone Guard and Robot Guard system is an advanced security system that uses drones and robots to protect your premises. The system is designed to provide efficient and reliable security around the clock.

The Lorenz Drone Guard and Robot Guard system is advanced because it uses the latest technology to provide comprehensive security coverage. The system uses drones and robots equipped with cameras, sensors, and other advanced features to monitor your premises and detect any potential security threats.

The Lorenz Drone Guard and Robot Guard system provides 24/7 security for your premises by using a combination of drones and robots that work together to provide comprehensive coverage. The system is designed to be always-on, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is being monitored around the clock.

The Lorenz Drone Guard and Robot Guard system provides peace of mind for property owners by offering advanced security features that can detect potential threats before they become a problem. The system uses drones and robots equipped with cameras and sensors that can detect movement and other signs of suspicious activity, allowing property owners to take action before any damage is done.

The benefits of using the Lorenz Drone Guard and Robot Guard system for premises protection include enhanced security coverage, reduced risk of property damage or theft, and increased efficiency and reliability compared to other security systems. The system is also designed to be flexible and customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific security needs.


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