Lorenz Digital Drone Summit 2020

Lorenz Digital Drone summit 2020

Did you miss the live stream of Lorenz Digital Drone Summit 2020? If so, you now got the chance to watch whenever it fits you the best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO6yiWGqhfo&t=853s You are now able to watch, rewatch, rewind back and forth, share and repeat this year’s Lorenz Digital Drone Summit as you wish and please. We invite […]

Stream video in real-time from UAVs to desktop or tablet with a sub-second latency

smart drone and data management Lorenz Technology

Stream and share the live footage from your deployed drone through the Lorenz AI-Link with 4G connectivity Having as low latency as possible is essential when flying a drone! According to Amazon, the latency standard for live streaming is around 10 seconds. Our solution delivers live streaming with a sub-second latency, which in Amazon’s video […]

Flock as connected insurance partner

Flock Insurance partner Lorenz Technology

Flexible insurance policy classifies Lorenz AI-Link® as a pilot joining flight experience across the platform Today, we proudly announce our partnership with Flock, an insurtech startup, operating at the cutting-edge of data analytics and insurance. We have worked on a fully flexible insurance policy for the fleet of drones flying with Lorenz AI- Link®, establishing […]

Autonomous quay inspections – digitalizing workflows

Quary Inspections

Drones work as a tool to digitalize manual workflows and optimize knowledge sharing for focused maintenance on larger industrial ports. digitalization of workflows Our customer Port of Esbjerg has agreed to let us feature how they made use of our drone management system and we hope you will be inspired by this feature story about […]

Improve perimeter security with drones real-time streaming at sub-second latency

vagt med drone over hoved G4S

It can be difficult to ensure large perimeters and be secure that no objects or people are hiding somewhere on the location. Inspecting perimeters with guards on the ground doing repeated patrols and surveillance along the perimeter or on locations are tasks demanding an extensive overview and perspective of the surveilled location while keeping one’s […]

Partnership with UK-based Heliguy and CG-Labs

Parntership with CS labs and Heliguy

Lorenz Technology has partnered up with DJI Gold Partner Heliguy and CG Labs to showcase the Lorenz onboard supercomputer which allows pilots to pre-program flights and use drones to conduct automated missions. Based in Milton Keynes, UK, CG Labs works across many different sectors including Security, Defence, Industrial, construction, agriculture, and events specializing in visualization, […]

New investment and board member

New investment and board member

Lorenz Technology ApS has concluded an investment round where several parties came to an agreement on a big investment and adding a new member to the board. Kristian Skaarup, Ralf Astrup, and Helge Munk at Lorenz Technology Ralf Astrup and two other parties have invested heavily in Lorenz Technology and the former has also joined […]