Trailer Detection in Port Terminals

Save time and tons of fuel by efficiently locating trailers


In large port terminals, there is often extensive information about what is entering and exiting the area. Despite this, it can be challenging to locate a specific trailer on the terminal. A lot of manual snake-walks are performed to work the exact positioning of the trailers into a system which is very time consuming and often associated with a lot of errors that lead to more time spent locating trailers when loading ships.


With the Lorenz Trailer Detection plugin for the Lorenz Hive®, loading time and thereby fuel consumption can be reduced significantly.

The solution is leading to the following results: 

  • A decrease in loading time from 6 minutes to 4,5 minutes per trailer.

  • Saving 1 ton of fuel and emissions every time a ship leaves the port 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

  • The Lorenz Technology intelligent drone solution is able to detect 300 trailers in 20 minutes. 

  • The Lorenz Hive® integrates directly with the terminal management system. 

  • The exact location of trailers also speeds up the time-consumption for truck drivers in and out of the terminal. 

  • Weight data will optimize the loading of the ships which results in more fuel savings. 

Client case - DFDS

Optimizing port logistics with our intelligent drone solution is a project in close collaboration with DFDS. As Senior Project Manager, Mads Bentzen Billesø describes in the video below, the hope for our solution was that it would optimize the processes on the terminal. Making the location of each trailer more precise has tremendous potentials for streamlining the processes on the terminal and thereby save time and ultimately fuel. 


At Lorenz Technology, we are excited about the partnership with DFDS. The close collaboration lets us develop a solution that is highly relevant and useable for our client by providing valuable data for time optimization and ultimately fuel saving. 

"The benefits of using Lorenz Technology is that we can do our operation much more efficient, we can save time and we can improve the data quality dramatically." - Mads Bentzen Billesø, Senior Project Manager, DFDS.



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