Port digitalization Watch on demand!

May 21, 2021

Port digitalization Watch on demand!

On May 19’th 2021 Lorenz Technology revealed how state of the art drone technology can be a fast track to digitalization of the Ports. 

Watch the 40 min. webinar right here and make sure to book your introduction online in order to learn more about the value Lorenz Technology can provide your business. 

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Digitalization of Ports

From manual to digital workflows towards future AI automation 

Lorenz Technology is the front runner of intelligent drone solutions. Developing artificial intelligence for drones and mobile robots. The Lorenz platform for automation of work processes is utilizing drone technology to improve safety conditions for employees and optimize work processes. 

The webinar was brought live Wednesday, May 19th from Lorenz Technology in Denmark, presented by Sales Manager Jesper Bach and Chief Operating Officer Anders Olsen, who introduced the advanced drone technology developed and results delivered to ports by Lorenz Technology since 2017. 

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Backstage from Lorenz HQ






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